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READ HEADLINE ABOUT GHOST GAMES ALL OVER THE WORLD NEWS HERE is kind of different compare to any soccer tipster website you ever encounter before. We can't explain much on the company behind it and we are restricted to provide too much information on the matches and the sources as well. For those that contacted us to ask about our origin, we are sorry that these information is not for public. What we can tell you is that, this website main purpose is to crowd funding for the next ghost bets.

How do you contribute and what do you gain by contributing?

The planning for every ghost bet is made around 30 to 60 days in advanced, whenever the schedue is confirmed we will start calculating the cost for every ghost bet and start funding for it. The matches is absolute confidential and due to that it is limited to number of funder for every ghost bet. Below is the number of funder seats we can accept for different betting type.

Asian Handicap - Limited to 30 seats - Cost $1500 per seat

Total Goals - Limited to 30 seats - Cost $1500 per seat

Fixed Odd - Limited to 20 seats - Cost $2500 per seat

Correct Score - Limited to 10 seats - Cost $8000 per seat

So how do you reserve a seat, and why can't you buy directly and need to reserve a seat?

As we mentioned previously every game is highly confidential and there will be a limit for every game, that is the reason why you need to pay advanced for a seat. You can view the package at bottom of this page for the next ghost bets and check the availability and pay in advanced. It might be tomorrow game or a game for next month, it all depends on the availability.

So, what do you get when you pay? And do we provide any guaranteed that you can bet on it?

Once payment made, the seat is reserved and on that day of the game you will receive an instruction on how to bet based on the betting type of seat you paid for. You will need to let us know in advanced what sportsbook you are using, number of sportsbook offering the odds of these game is limited. If your sportsbook not offering the game, we will provide you a priority seat for the next game without any extra charges.

Is the game sure win? And what happen if the bet lose?

No, is definitely not sure win. You need to know more about what is ghost bets first. Please read all the recent headline about ghost bet here. The possibility for a ghost bet to win is above 70% all time, and it depends on the betting type. For correct score the possibility able to maintain at above 95% all the time. And how do we come out with the possibility? Past records, with it we can keep track the percentage. And our records is all monitored by an indepedent monitoring company, to ensure a 100% genuine in tracked records. Why it will have losing possibility? It cause by many factors, we called it 'Burst Bet'. Usually it has discovered by few major sportsbook, and they will take certain action to result in failed games. That is one of the reason why these bets is highly confidential. But no worry, as we will provide a replacement priority seat for the next game.

next ghostbets schedule

asian handicap / 30 seats per game / $1500 per seat

total goals / 30 seats per game / $1500 per seat

Fixed odd / 20 seats per game / $2500 per seat

correct score / 10 seats per game / $8000 per seat